Australian semiconductor developer BluGlass Limited (ASX: BLG) is pleased to present its 2021 Annual General Meeting.

The Chair and President’s Address is available to download here:
BLG 2021 AGM Chair & President Address

The AGM Presentation is available to download here:
BluGlass AGM Presentation

Details of our 2021 Annual General Meeting:

Date: Monday, 22 November 2021
Time: 11:00am (Sydney Time)
Shareholder registration: Please follow the instructions below to register and access the virtual AGM

To register for the AGM and to participate online via computer, mobile or tablet device

The Company is pleased to provide shareholders with the opportunity to attend and participate in a virtual Meeting through an online meeting platform powered by Automic, where shareholders will be able to watch, listen, ask questions and vote online.

To access the virtual meeting:

1. Open your internet browser and go to
2. Login with your username and password or click “register” if you haven’t already created an account.
Shareholders are encouraged to create an account prior to the start of the meeting to ensure there is no
delay in attending the virtual meeting
3. After logging in, a banner will display at the bottom of your screen to indicate that the meeting is open for registration, click on “Register” when this appears. Alternatively, click on “Meetings” on the left-hand
menu bar to access registration.
4. Click on “Register” and follow the steps
5. Click on the URL to join the webcast where you can view and listen to the virtual meeting
6. Once the Chair of the Meeting has declared the poll open for voting click on “Refresh” to be taken to the
voting screen
7. Select your voting direction and click “confirm” to submit your vote. Note that you cannot amend your vote after it has been submitted

Shareholders who are unable to join us at the AGM are encouraged to cast a direct vote prior to the meeting or, alternatively, to appoint a proxy to attend virtually and vote on your behalf. If you direct your proxy how to vote, your votes will be cast at the meeting in accordance with your directions.

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About BluGlass

Developing leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing technology and devices for more than a decade, BluGlass Limited (ASX:BLG) is a provider to the global GaN photonics industries, delivering cutting-edge, custom laser diode and LED development across the industrial, defence, display, and scientific markets.

Listed on the ASX, we are an Australian public company established to power the smarter, cleaner, more efficient photonics of tomorrow with our proprietary low temperature, low hydrogen, remote plasma chemical vapour deposition (RPCVD) manufacturing technology.

Backed by an extensive network of supply-chain partners, BluGlass is developing a suite of laser diode products, from small batch custom lasers through to high-volume and off the shelf products.

For more information, please contact:

Stefanie Winwood +61 2 9334 2300