BluGlass offers GaN lasers to the industrial, defence, quantum, scientific, biotech and display markets.


Our full suite, end-to-end laser diode design, fabrication and packaging capability means we can provide custom solutions to meet your specific form factor, device architecture and package integration needs to help bring your next innovation to life.





BluGlass’ visible spectrum laser diode product range spans a spectrum of wavelengths from ultra-violet 397nm to blue 450nm devices. Our longer  wavelength devices to green 525nm devices are progressing through our product pipeline. Ask us about custom wavelength development.





BluGlass’ customers are developing applications in the quantum, defense, industrial, biotech, scientific, and display segments. Ask us how our plug-and play or custom development can help you bring your next innovation to life.




Flexible Form Factors


Whether you are looking for individual chips, bars, chip-on sub-mounts, or volume-manufactured multi-chip modules, our world-class team and state-of-the-art facilities in the US and Australia have the capability and expertise to help you deliver your next product.




Single Mode Laser Diodes

Colour Product Data Sheet Mode Wavelength Optical Output Power [mW] Current [mA] Voltage [V]
Ultra- Violet BLV-397 200♦ SM 392-400nm 200 200 4.5
BLV-405 250   SM 400-410nm 250 200 4.5
Violet BLV-420 250   SM 415-425nm 250 230 5.4
Blue BLV-450 250 SM 445-455nm  250 230 5.4
SM: Single Mode    ♦: Prototype Product



Multi-Mode Laser Diodes

Colour Product Data Sheet Mode Wavelength Optical Output Power Current [A] Voltage [V]
Violet BLV-405 1W   MM 400-410nm 1W 1 4.5
BLV-405 3W♦   MM 400-410nm 3W 2.8 4.5
BLV-420 1W   MM 415-425nm 1W 1 4.5
BLV-420 3W♦   MM 415-425nm 3W 3 4.5
Navy BLV-450 1W   MM 445-455nm 1W 1 5.4
MM: Multi Mode ♦: Prototype Product

BluGlass Product Catalogue

BluGlass offers GaN lasers to the industrial, defense, scientific, biotech, and display markets.


BluGlass improves novel GaN DFB laser performance for quantum applications

BluGlass has made significant improvements to its GaN Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB) performance using RPCVD for longer-wavelength devices.


Brighter, higher-efficiency laser diode designs


Today, GaN laser diodes suffer from significant optical and resistive loss, leading to low conversion efficiencies in the 45% range compared to the 90% approach in GaN-based LEDs. Contact and series resistance can account for up to 50% of the power consumed in GaN-based laser diodes.

Our revolutionary growth technology, called remote plasma chemical vapor deposition (RPCVD), offers many unique benefits to our customers – including the novel, low resistivity, and higher efficiency laser diodes.

BluGlass’ novel laser diode designs replace the highly lossy materials in traditional laser diode designs by combining the best of traditional nitride growth techniques with our own unique low-temperature, low hydrogen nitride growth process – to enable novel and higher efficiency laser diodes. Could RPCVD improve your device performance and help drive your next laser product?

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